2012-2013 season (in order of most recent)

6th – SuperTour, skate sprint, Madison, WI (5th in qualifying)
4th – SuperTour, classic sprint, Madison, WI (3rd in qualifying)
9th – SuperTour/Owl Creek Chase, 21k skate mass start, Aspen, CO
11th – SuperTour, 5k classic, Aspen, CO
2nd – SuperTour, classic sprint, Aspen, CO
1st – Boulder Mountain Tour, 32k skate mass start, Sun Valley, ID
8th – SuperTour-Tour de Twin Cities, 10k skate pursuit, Minneapolis, MN
6th – SuperTour-Tour de Twin Cities, 5k classic, Minneapolis, MN
3rd – SuperTour-Tour de Twin Cities, classic sprint, Minneapolis, MN (3rd in qualifying)
14th – SuperTour-Tour de Twin Cities, 15k classic mass start, Minneapolis, MN

7th – SuperTour-Tour de Twin Cities, 5k skate, Minneapolis, MN
12th – US National Championships, classic sprint (10th in qualifying)
44th – US National Championships, skate sprint 
3rd – Besh Cup #1, classic sprint, Anchorage, AK (1st in qualifying)
64th – World Cup, skate sprint, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
55th – World Cup, skate sprint, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
11th – SuperTour, 10k classic mass start, Bozeman, MT
2nd – SuperTour, classic sprint, Bozeman, MT (8th in qualifying)
10th – SuperTour, skate sprint, Bozeman, MT (9th in qualifying)
32nd – SuperTour, skate sprint, West Yellowstone, MT
59th – SuperTour, 9k skate, West Yellowstone, MT

2012 Summer Running results:

Age group division winner – 2012 Alaska Mountain Running series
3rd – Lost Lake Run 15.5-mile, Seward, AK
2nd – Mt. Marathon, Seward, AK
5th – Bob Spurr Memorial Bird Ridge Hill Climb, Anchorage, AK
6th – Government Peak Climb, Palmer, AK
6th – Alaska Run for Women 5-mile, Anchorage, AK
Fastest run split (15th overall) – Gold Nugget Triathlon, Anchorage, AK


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