2010 and earlier

2009-2010 season

36th      NCAA National Championships, 15k skate
31st      NCAA National Championships, 5k classic
7th        EISA Championships Middlebury Carnival, 15k skate
11th      EISA Championships Middlebury Carnival, 5k classic
21st      EISA Williams Carnival, 5k skate
18th      EISA Williams Carnival, 5k classic
11th      EISA Dartmouth Carnival, 15k classic
28th      EISA UVM Carnival/Eastern Cup, 10k classic
23rd      EISA St. Michael’s Carnival, 10k skate
7th        EISA St. Lawrence Carnival, 15k skate
7th        EISA St. Lawrence Carnival, 5k classic
39th      US National Championships, classic sprint
54th      US National Championships, skate sprint
83rd      US National Championships, 10k skate
45th      US National Championships, 20k classic


17th      EISA Middlebury Carnival, 10k classic
26th      EISA Dartmouth Carnival, 10k skate
39th      EISA Dartmouth Carnival, 5k classic
67th      EISA UVM Carnival/Eastern Cup, 5k skate
34th      EISA UNH Carnival, 10k skate
12th      EISA UNH Carnival, classic sprint
50th      EISA Bates Carnival, 15k skate
35th      EISA Bates Carnival, 5k classic
82nd      Eastern Cup, 10k classic
19th      Eastern Cup, skate sprint
115th    US National Championships, 5k skate
42nd     US National Championships, classic sprint
7th        Besh Cup #1, skate sprint
23rd      Besh Cup #2, 10k classic


Member of Team Alaska Junior National teams 2005, 2006, 2008
10th      2008 Junior National Championships, 10k classic
6th        2008 Junior National Championships, classic sprint
6th        2006 Junior National Championships, classic sprint
11th      2006 Junior National Championships, 5k skate
top-10 results 2004, 2005, 2006 ASAA high school ski championships


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