About Me

I am a cross-country (Nordic) ski racer with the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Club (APU) elite team in Anchorage, Alaska. I have been skiing for longer than I can remember. I started skiing in Chugiak-Eagle River, Alaska as a fiesty little girl who always wanted to be in the front of the Junior Nordic program and my parents. I began racing in middle school. In high school, I qualified several times for Junior Nationals as a member of Team Alaska. I skied 4 years of NCAA Division I at Middlebury College (Vermont).

After graduating from Middlebury in 2010 with bachelor degrees in Environmental Studies and Geography, I returned to Alaska to pursue ski racing at the post-graduate elite level. I raced and trained independently for the 2010-2011 season before joining APUNSC in 2011. Since joining the APUNSC Elite Team, I have skied to several top-10 results on the U.S. Super Tour circuit, including three podiums, two top-10 and one top-15 results at the 2012 U.S. National Championships, and a top-10 at the 2013 U.S. National Championships. In December 2012 I competed in my first two World Cups in Quebec City and Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

I also love to run, and I compete in many local running races in Anchorage and around Alaska. I like to help coach my hometown ski club, Alaska Nordic Racing, during the summer when I can and watch young skiers develop into top-level racers. Skiing and running are my passions and I hope to share that enjoyment with my community, however I can.


IMG_7321Photo by Matt Whitcomb. Training on Eagle Glacier, Alaska, July 2013


If you love skiing and/or would like to help me along my path to success at the national and international level, there are several ways you can support me! Being a professional skier is extremely hard, physically, mentally and financially, and a strong support system is crucial. If you’d like to help, please consider the following options:

1. Title Sponsor: Company in which looks to support developing athletes. Logo is worn on headgear and on display at all times.

2. Supporting Sponsor: Individuals or companies looking to give a little. Logo is featured on some parts of uniform, website.

3. Donor: Individuals looking to help. Click the donate button on my home page or contact me via e-mail. Money and/or airline miles are greatly appreciated

4. Equipment/Product Sponsors: If you have an awesome product that can help me out in my training or skiing and would like to have me help you promote it, please e-mail me.

5. Clinics, talks, etc.: I love to help out a community and promote skiing. If you have a company, group of friends, or bunch of kids interested in having me lead a clinic or do a talk, send me an e-mail!

6. Donate to APUNSC and support the whole team!

My contact info: laurenhfritz@gmail.com


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