Italian March + Californian April


After a brief drop-in back home after the Birkie, I hopped on a plane once again and flew halfway across the globe to Northern Italy. I spent two weeks in the Italian Dolomites ski racing in European continental cups (OPA). The first stop was Campo Carlo Magno/Madonna di Campiglio, which was way up a very narrow twisty road in the mountains, and the second week was in Toblach/Dobbiaco for OPA Finals, which was the same place I went to last year for OPA Finals. It was really cool to be able to go back to the same place because I knew the trails and the town.

I’ve raced a lot this year, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect out of my results. My only goal was to improve on my results from last year. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen. Regardless, I did have fun and it was great to go over there and get more international experience. Euros race differently than Americans, and it’s important to see that and be a part of that race scene in order to have success at the higher levels. Thank you NNF for your support in making such a great trip possible!!

So, I’ll just post up a bunch of photos of the trip, as that is much more interesting than me spouting off nonsense.

IMG_8843The Dolomites!

packer_laketoblachLake Toblach (Eric Packer photo)

Eric Packer also compiled some great shots from the trip into this video:

On my flight back across the Atlantic from London to San Fran, I got to see one of the most incredible views I have ever seen (and that is saying a lot for me!) as we flew across the southern tip of Greenland. I have seen mountains, and I have seen ice fields and glaciers, but nothing in comparison to this.

IMG_9021Nearing the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

IMG_9023Ice sheet turning to fjords.

IMG_9031Greenland mountains.


I flew straight from Europe to southern California for a brief respite from skiing and to see my granddad, two aunts, my mom and my brother. I hadn’t visited since 2008 so it was great to see my granddad, who is 92 and sharp as a tack. The warm weather running and beach time before hitting the boards again was a nice change of scene as well.

IMG_9047Breakfast outside in the sun and 60s?! Yes please!

IMG_9058Coyote I saw while out running.

After family time, I bounced up to Truckee, CA in preparation for Spring Series/SuperTour Finals. I arrived a week ahead of the rest of APU so I weaseled my way into crashing with the Aussie boys for a week. We had some glorious weather and epic skis and fun adventures at Lake Tahoe. A huge thank you to the Syben family for letting me stay at their house with the boys. You were amazing hosts and very tolerant! 

DSCN0701Overlooking Royal Gorge

Fast and Female day!

Before racing started, we had a Fast and Female event that was tons of fun in the sun!

supertour2013-fastfem_111-X3Group shot! (Photo by Mark Nadell)

supertour2013-fastfem_015-X3My best friend Sarah from high school who now lives in Reno came up to be fast and female, the first time I’ve seen her since last summer!

Also check out this amazing video put together from our F&F day by local junior Skyler Mullings.

As this post is long enough, I will leave Super Tour Finals race photos as well as my other post-season April adventures for the next post.


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