Winning the Boulder Mountain Tour!

What a week!

I’ve been in Sun Valley, Idaho since Monday night recovering from the Midwest with some fantastic skiing, and enjoying warm temps and plentiful Vitamin D!


Perfect cord and sunshine…what more could you want?

DSCN0558Plenty of snow, I think.

I came to Sun Valley for the Boulder Mountain Tour, a 32k point-to-point skate marathon that is a net downhill. It’s a pretty cool and unique race. I’d heard a lot about it over the past few years, but never had the chance to work it into my schedule until now. I’m glad I did!

The racing started off Thursday night with a co-ed sprint relay. I teamed up with Mark Iverson, my APU teammate and fellow Rossi skier, for a convincing win. We each did two legs each of two laps around a 400m loop in a downtown park. The course was really winding but there was a good crowd and it was a fun night. Plus, we each won $150.

IMG_8139Tagging off


As for the BMT today, I had no idea what to expect, other than a lot of V2-alternate skiing and drafting. I didn’t get the opportunity to ski the whole race course, just a few parts of it this week, so I was pretty much skiing blind. Nonetheless, the pace was pretty comfortable the whole time, the snow was fast and firm, and I just tried to stay relaxed. It was tricky though. When you’re in a big pack and drafting one another, sometimes you can get a little too close and you nick the poles or ski tails of the person in front of you. Usually, it’s no big deal, but twice today–TWICE–I managed to take myself down. Luckily, I had some pretty damn fast skis (THANK YOU ROSSIGNOL and Paul Clark for waxing, and Evelyn Dong for loaning me a pair that she has won the BMT on twice before) so I was able to catch back up to the three other girls I had been skiing with. I was worried that I was going to waste too much energy trying to catch back up, and then have nothing left for the last few kilometers, but that wasn’t the case. I fell around 15k and around 26k, but somehow was able to fight my way back up to the pack. It came down to a downright drag-race between four of us in the last 200m, and fortunately I still had some zing left in the tank to hammer it home for the win by 0.11 seconds!

SVNF Boulder Mountain Tour 2013 NR -7Women’s finish (Nils Ribi photo)

I couldn’t believe that I had actually pulled off the win, especially after falling twice. It was a pretty incredible feeling, and brought the week to a great close. My teammates in the men’s field also crushed it, with Mark Iverson taking second, Peter Kling third, and Brent Knight seventh, all within two seconds.

BMT-finish-menMen’s tight finish. Mark in orange and white (#12), winner Sylvan Ellefsen (#2), Pete Kling (behind Sylvan in red boots) (Nils Ribi photo)

We hit up the hot springs outside of town this afternoon for some relaxation, and hope to hit some alpine runs tomorrow morning. I head down to Park City, Utah tomorrow to meet up with Rosie before we head to another weekend of Super Tour racing in Aspen next weekend.


5 thoughts on “Winning the Boulder Mountain Tour!

  1. Congratulations on your win, Lauren. All that hard work paid off. It looks beautiful there. So much better than the gray of Anchorage. Enjoy the sun and the warmth of your win. You rock!

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