Besh Cup and Christmas at Home, onto Utah

Home for Christmas

I was home for 9 days after Canmore, working a few days at Skinny Raven (two weeks on the WC is NOT cheap…), racing Besh Cups and spending Christmas with the family. I raced the classic sprint BC at Kincaid last Saturday, winning the qualifier by over two seconds. My quarterfinal and semifinal went smoothly and I won both easily. Unfortunately, my skis were too slick and I was tired and cold by the time the final came around, and I finished 3rd. Oh well. I ended up scratching from the 5k skate race at Chugiak the next day because the temperatures were really cold (just barely legal above -4F) and I just couldn’t keep my core temperature warm enough to race well.2012_BC1_J1olderwomen_podium

The temps warmed up considerably over the next few days so I was able to do a long hard workout on Christmas day and stay warm. Christmastime was fun, making cookies with my mom and skiing with friends on Christmas, it even snowed Christmas Eve and throughout the day. My dad cooked a German meal that his grandmother used to cook, Sauerbraten, with a moose roast, potato balls and red cabbage. It was quite vinegary. It was nice to be home even for a such a short and hectic few days, because if all goes according to plan, I will be on the road for the rest of the season. 


IMG_0118Christmas cookies!

Utah for US Nationals

So, after all that, I am now in Utah for US Nationals at Soldier Hollow, about 30 min from Park City. It is an immense relief that there is well over a foot of natural snow at SoHo, not to mention the mountains of snow coming out of the snow guns all over the trails. Looks like we will get to ski on more than a 2k loop this year! I haven’t been to SoHo since Nationals were here in 2006.DSCN0541

DSCN0542Snow guns working hard at SoHo

The house we are staying is ridiculous. It is a mansion, literally a mansion. It has a pool. The room is also a greenhouse, with a steam room and a hot tub.
IMG_7971And a pool table. And a racquetball court. A thousand-square-foot garage. A theatre room. And a “Knights-of-the-Round-Table” dinner table with seating for at least twenty.  
Eight-million bedrooms, but yet very little privacy given that the bedrooms are mostly connected and have balconies with beds. Did I mention there is a poolYet, once again, we have little to no cell phone service and it’s also missing crucial things, like mugs and a tea kettle.

Racing started on the 2nd with a classic sprint. I was really looking forward to it and felt good during the race, but unfortunately I didn’t dial my skis in correctly and I didn’t even make the top-30 to move on into the heats. Needless to say, it was incredibly upsetting and disappointing, and it took me a while to get over. What went from potentially being one of my best races suddenly became hopefully my worst. Then, to really rub salt on the wound, I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat, which today has become the potential for a nasty cold. I’m sitting out the 10k skate, which I was really looking forward to in order to hopefully kick it and race the 20k classic and the skate sprint coming up. Not how I wanted to start out US Nationals, especially coming off some good fall races, but I do still have two more chances and it’s no use dwelling too much on these two. Nothing like personal redemption for motivation right?  On the plus side, I did just watch my teammates dominate the women’s 10k skate (thank you live timing!) by sweeping the podium and having four in the top six: Rosie 1st, Sadie 2nd, Fitz 3rd, and Becca 6th. Damn. Motivation. 


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