We Do More Than Just SKI

In September, the APU women’s team cooked two dinners that had been purchased at our each of our fundraisers this spring. It was a nice change from just focusing on training and working, thinking about how much sleep I still didn’t seem to be getting, and gave us the opportunity to wear something other than spandex and helmets! We clean up nicely.

The first one was formal, for a group that included a few APU Board members. We went all out, testing out menu items during the week leading up to the dinner, making sure we knew exactly how to cook each dish, with the right seasoning and/or dressing, and even the presentation of each dish was pre-meditated. They were impressed, to say the least, and said that everything tasted wonderful. If global warming takes away winter, we can forgo skiing and open a restaurant.

The second dinner was much more informal, with a hilarious bunch of ladies that included Kikkan’s mom and aunts, Fitz’s mom, a girl I skied with in high school and her mom along with the moms of a couple other skiers we knew. They just loved hanging out with us, and were also impressed that we can cook. But we also loved hanging out with them because they were awesome entertainment in and of themselves! Here are some pictures of both nights. Duck was on the menu for the first dinner, while steak and chicken ruled the second.

Dinner #1

Kikkan and Becca work the stove


Not getting burned tonight.

Fitz with some leeks

Bruschetta hors d’oeurve

DUCK! before (left) after (right)

Riced (before being mashed) purple potatoes from Sarah’s mom’s garden.

Holly’s beet and carrot salad with local veggies.

A sunny evening in the kitchen

Entree plate

We did learn that you serve on the right.

Dessert: Baked pears with macaroon centers. Possibly one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever had.With a palm sugar syrup drizzle of course!

Dinner #2

Rosie and I with Kikkan’s aunt Liz

Kinsey and Erika

Master of planning Becca

(left to right) Kikkan’s mom Deb, her aunt Betsy and her aunt Liz

She stole too much attention so we put her outside in the rain. Grill baby, grill!

Celia and Sadie. Future of US Skiing right there.

Roommates Sadie and Rosie

We had fun color-coordinating our RAINBOW!


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