Glaciers Are Melting…

…Because we’re too hot!

we are cool.

Chris  Hodel photo

I spent two separate weeks at the APU Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier in July and August for some on-snow training with the team. I hadn’t been up there since 2007, but not a lot has changed other than a new Piston Bully groomer that makes the coaches lives substantially better. Life on the glacier is very simple: wake, eat, ski, eat, nap, ski, eat, sleep. Some may think that skiing 4.5 hours per day is impressive. Yes, it is a lot and I was very tired every day. But the amount of food consumed by twenty athletes skiing many hours everyday is possible the most amazing feat on the glacier. Breakfast alone consisted of FORTY eggs being cooked, two gallons of milk, 1-2 loaves of bread, four pots of coffee, and a huge pot of oatmeal. And that’s before we even work out yet! It was great training though, and being on snow makes a significant difference in a) my mental state during summer training because it’s a break from rollerskiing; and b) technique adjustments, which are much easier to work on on snow than on rollerskis. The weather was variable, from fog so thick I couldn’t see more than just past the tips of my skis, to driving rain and wind that really makes me think twice about why I do this, to bluebird days that call for skiing in shorts and sports bras. While the down time up there can be tediously boring, it can be spectacularly beautiful too. I feel pretty lucky to be able to just look out the windows on a clear evening and see endless mountain peaks and think about how I get to ski on a freaking glacier.

Enjoying a nice evening on the cliff

And my go-to yoga pose wherever I go.

Rosie, myself and Sadie

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy (name that song)

Charlie Renfro (an APU devos coach) and Chris Hodel (APU board of trustees) flew up one day during camp and spent the day taking some amazing photos of us. Thanks for the photos guys!

Afternoon classic session

Rosie, myself and Greta

The upper part of the 8km course

Alpine Air heli after the drop-off

I look like I’m smiling but I think I’m just catching my breath after sprinting uphill

The boys: sun’s out, guns out. Just another Eagle day.

The peak behind the facility. Epic.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to wear so much pink. I like blue too!

They think they’re tough. But they’re nordies.

The living facility, storage and waxing connexes, and the meltwater pond where we pump our water from, all perched on a cliff.

Model shot. Ha, actually this is candid. Is that good or bad that I was just standing like that? Not sure what I’m doing, I think I’m watching Charlie take individual photos.

The PB. Basking in a sunset glow.

Charlie also put together a sweet video from the glacier. Check it out.

More soon about the fall.


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