Feutersoey, Switzerland races + PHOTOS

Feutersoey, Switzerland races

Well, the races this weekend did not go quite how I had envisioned or hoped. Extremely warm weather made for quite slushy conditions for the skate race, and that combined with travelling overseas and being at altitude for the first time in several months made for quite a less than desirable race. In the skate race my legs felt like dead weights and I just couldn’t get a good tempo going. People were passing me like I was standing still and I had no response. I finished 9th out of ten senior women. Nonetheless I shook it off and put my head in the game for today’s mass start classic race. I was looking forward to today because I love mass starts, I like classic much more than skate this year, and I thought some klister skiing would be fun. Boy was I disappointed thirty minutes later… While Saturday’s skate race started at 12:30pm in full-on sun and slush, Sunday’s race started at 9:30am and the track was bullet-proof ice. With klister, it was super sketchy. If you got out of the tracks, your skis would catch on the ice and you would fall. But it was also dangerous if you stayed in the tracks because they went around corners and it was just all-around a terrifying experience. And that is rare for me to say because I’m pretty aggressive on downhills. The other part was that I had absolutely no kick. I don’t have true klister skis, and the skis I did use did not work well today. From the get-go, I couldn’t even get up the first hill out of the start. No matter what I did to modify my technique to try and get kick, or whether the tracks were icy in the shade or slushy in the sun, my skis didn’t work. I tried to make it work the first lap, but then I kind of gave up. In the end, it wasn’t really like a race. I was almost laughing to myself at how horrible it was. I finally gave up trying to stride completely and just started double-poling up hills that I would normally not even consider double-poling up. I finished and was not even tired because I just couldn’t even go hard enough. Every stride forward felt like a stride backwards because I would slip so much. Anyways…. Becca had a great race to bring home the win, and Erik made a hard charge to take 2nd in the men’s race. But again, it was a sunny day and I have to hope that this weekend’s results helped blow out some fatigue and heaviness and I’ll be ready to rock next weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that racing in Europe is a big change from racing in the U.S. This trip is more for experience and exposure for me, being my first Euro racing trip. This week has been some pretty sweet skiing and weather, so at least I have that to be happy about. Tomorrow morning we are driving to Rogla, Slovenia for the next set of races. It’s a ten-hour drive, but it should be pretty sweet all the way across Italy. So, here are some more pictures from Switzerland. Wish we could stay a few more days….

Soaking up the sun!

There are lots of road crossings around here…luckily I brought rock skis!

On our first day skiing we found a bench and a coffee pit stop! The Swiss know how to enjoy a ski!

Rosie, me and Becca skiing around the valley.

The boys decided to jump some of the crossings.

My attempt was a bit on the low side….

But I did make it!! (Jumping photos from Reese)

Post- classic race today. Pretty beautiful place.

Our hotel host/cook decided to play for us one night…he was also slightly inebriated. All the more entertaining…

We got packages of local sausage with our race entry.


2 thoughts on “Feutersoey, Switzerland races + PHOTOS

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Sorry your race was such a bummer but enjoy the sun and the country. Your pictures are wonderful. I hope this weekend goes better for you. Still snowing at home.

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