First post

My first blog post. I’ve never been much for putting my life on display. When blogs first showed up on the scene, I thought they seemed very silly and simply for seeking attention. I’ve always felt uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Ironic, considering how competitive I am when it comes to athletics. Regardless, I was never much of a blog reader because it seems silly to read about other people’s lives when you really should be out living your own. Over time, I have appreciated some blogs for their actual connection to my life (i.e. ski blogs) or for useful information (the occasional food/recipe blog). As I begin to make my way into the “professional” ski world, I decided that it was time to put myself out there because, surprisingly, there are a lot of people who are interested in what I’m doing and where I’m going as a skier. Now here I am, writing away on a blog.

If you are reading this, I’m assuming you already know who I am and what I’m doing. If not, at some point I’ll get around to writing an “About Me” section somewhere. So I’ll right to the most recent point.

Right now, I am in Middlebury, Vermont—site of my alma mater Middlebury College—waiting out a cold. I had planned to spend a few days here visiting this week then head up to Farmington, Maine today for Eastern Cups this weekend. Unfortunately, I woke up Thursday morning with a head cold that I have not quite kicked. With a five-race mini-tour on schedule starting next weekend in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, I had to make the very difficult decision not to race this weekend in Maine, with the hope of getting completely healthy and being in top form for the ‘Tour de Twin Cities’. Uncharacteristically, I haven’t been sick since the very beginning of September, but it was bound to happen soon. Luckily, it wasn’t last week at Nationals or next week going into the mini-tour. Despite my disappointment at not getting a chance to thrown down another good classic sprint and distance skate race and win some prize money, it wasn’t a race weekend originally on my schedule and it is more important in the long run for me to get healthy again.

It’s great being back at Midd again. The only down side is that there hasn’t been any snow yet this season, so there wasn’t much skiing to be had. When I first got here, it felt like November: cold and frozen, but no snow. It did start snowing Thursday, and alternated between rain and wet wet snow Friday morning. Friday evening brought about an inch of wet snow, so at least the ground is white now. Bread Loaf (the Nordic center) was not open for skiing Friday, but I was able to ski 45 min back and forth and around the bunny slope at the Snow Bowl (the alpine area). Saturday and Sunday I skied with the Middlebury Ski Team at Bread Loaf. It was fun to be back at Bread Loaf, and I got to ski the newly-cut FIS-homologated trails. Bread Loaf was never my favorite place to ski or race mostly because the trails were not suited to my strengths. The new race trail is really awesome though, and I’m a bit jealous I won’t get to race there. There was more snow than I had expected, and it was really great for classic skiing. I also ran into Bill McKibben—environmental activist and author extraordinaire (see his cause at and Midd Ski Team faculty liaison—on the trails. We skied and chatted for several km. My favorite quote from Bill during our ski (paraphrased), “These days it’s a good day if I’m not spending the night in jail, and I ski whenever I can…which is already about 50 days this season.” Bill is an amazing person and the most dedicated and enthusiastic faculty liaison a team could have. You can’t help but be that much more excited about skiing after skiing or talking to him.

True to New England weather, after snowing, raining, and everything in between in the past few days, Sunday arrived bitterly cold. It was about 2F skiing at 1:30pm, and today (Monday) it was -9F. I head down to Boston today to spend two days visiting my best friend from high school, Danielle, who I haven’t seen in about two years. I will try to continue posting frequently about my racing, and also a recap of the season thus far in one of the next posts, along with plenty of photos.

Happy Trails!


4 thoughts on “First post

  1. I hope you start to feel better soon! This house is too big and empty without you. I started classes today, and it’s so colllld. Anyways, blogs are cool! It’s nice to hear what you’re up to.

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